Hire a boat!

Hiring a boat is one of our very favourite things to do in Amsterdam – especially if you’re here with a group to spread the cost. Get a load of booze and food from the Albert Heijn, hop in your boat, and cruise around the canals for a couple of hours. There really is nothing better. Oh, and you don’t need any sort of licence or anything – the boats are all electric, and really easy to drive. 

Our favourite place to rent from is Sloepdelen, who make it really easy to reserve online and activate the boat with your smartphone. They also have the loveliest boats, with cushions and blankets. It’s 120 euros for two hours, but the boats fit up to 12 people so when you spread the cost it’s super cheap. And so much fun!

We’ve also heard good things about Mokumboot, which are slightly cheaper than Sloepdelen although they only fit 8 people.


  • This is only to be attempted on a dry day. Open boat sailing in the rain is no fun for anyone. You can wait to see how the weather looks when you wake up, and book the boat that same day – no need to reserve ahead of your trip.
  • Hiring a boat in the summer is wonderful, but we also like to do it on a cold winter’s day when the canals are quiet. If you do this, make sure you wrap up WARM! Wear thick socks and take blankets to snuggle under.

Posted by: Jayne

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