Cafe Marcella

This is truly my happy place. Never am I more content than when I am snuggled under a blanket and a heater outside Cafe Marcella, sheltered from the wind, covered from the rain and drinking a nice Affligem beer. 

Located on Amstelveld – one of the prettiest little squares in Amsterdam – Cafe Marcella is a lovely little canalside brown bar with friendly staff and a solid commitment to your cosiness. The food won’t blow your socks off but they do a decent range of snacks, pancakes and toasties if you’re feeling peckish, as well as an excellent Snert (Dutch pea and ham soup) in the winter, which I believe is supplied from another restaurant.

But it’s not the food we’re here for. It’s everything else. And if you have a few hours to while away on a chilly Sunday afternoon there really is no pleasanter place to sit and watch Amsterdam life go by. 

Take a look at this gallery of cosy times at Cafe Marcella:

Amstelveld 21


Posted by: Jayne

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