Hire a bike

Sounds obvious, but you really should do this. You’ll cover so much more of the city and experience Amsterdam like a local.

People say that cycling in Amsterdam is scary but actually, it’s easier than cycling in any other city as the cycle paths are so well ordered and you’re rarely in contact with traffic.

You can either go for a super distinctive bike like MacBike or Yellow Bike  that scream ‘I’m a tourist’ (actually quite useful if you’re not too confident on two wheels), or go for something a little more low key if you want to blend in.

You will see bike hire places all over the city, so finding one near to your accommodation is probably the easiest.

Some tips for cycling in Amsterdam

1. Stick to the right of the cycle path. People will overtake you, so make it easy for them by keeping in.

2. If people ring their bell at you when they’re overtaking, they’re not (usually) being aggressive- just helpful alerting you to their presence

3. Don’t panic! Just take your time and go as slowly as you need to. If you do decide to go slowly, see 1. above.

4. If you want to get your courage up, head to a big park like Vondelpark or Westerpark to practice before hitting the roads.

5. There will be mopeds. We all hate them and for now, there’s nothing we can do about them.

This video is actually quite funny and contains some very useful tips for cycling in Amsterdam:

Posted by: Jayne

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