Mediamatic Eten

Yeah! This place is great – and a bit of a hidden gem. In fact, I sort of don’t want to tell you about it… but I’m gonna. Located on the waterfront next to Hannekes Boom (make your way through the urban garden to get there), Mediamatic Eten is the restaurant of the forward thinking cultural institution, Mediamatic.

The conservatory restaurant directly on the water is a light, bright, airy-fairy-lit space that’s perfect for a relaxed lunch or dinner in Amsterdam. They menu here is excellent and super interesting – organic, locally sourced, and vegan friendly. They also do some great wood-fired pizzas from the clay oven – though the oven doesn’t seem to be always fired up.

The staff are GREAT, the food is excellent, the location couldn’t be better and overall there’s just a lovely vibe about this place. Oh, and the toilets are a story in themselves… I’ll let you figure that one out.

Going here will also give you the opportunity to try out James’ favourite joke, which generally goes like this:

James: ‘How big’s your attic?’

Other person: *confused stare*

James: ’Because I’ve got a medium attic.’

Medium attic. Mediamatic. Geddit.


Dijkspark 6

Posted by: Jayne

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