The Jordaan and Nine Streets

The Jordaan is probably Amsterdam’s most famous neighbourhood – and with very good reason. An historic area of cobbled lanes, canals, tumbling houses and secret gardens, the Jordaan is the quintessential picture postcard image of Amsterdam.

It’s officially classed as the area to the west of Prinsengracht (see map below!), although many people also include the inner canals and Nine Streets in their definition of the area.


You could spend an entire day just wandering up and down the streets here, discovering little shops and galleries and grazing your way around a series of cute cafes and bars. If you visit on a Saturday, don’t miss the lovely local produce markets at Lindengracht and Noordermarkt.

By the way, it’s pronounced ‘your-daan’. Not ‘Jordan’.

The Nine Streets

The Nine Streets (or Negen Straatjes) is a network of nine parallel little streets filled with the loveliest little shops, cafes, restaurants in Amsterdam. It’s a shopper’s dream, although because it’s everyone’s dream it does tend to get awfully crowded. So the key is to amble around and go with the flow – because you’re not getting anywhere in a hurry.

nine streets.png

This website will tell you everything you need to know about the area, including a complete shop directory and a handy map.

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