Brouwerij ‘t Ij


This was all I wanted to write, but Jayne told me my journalism needed a little more detail… so yes, here goes.

When we first moved over we were enchanted by this tasty beer with a curious ostrich on the label and wondered why we were feeling so bladdered after 2 glasses. The beer in question is ‘Zatte’, an 8% triple and the first beer to come from the Brouwerij ’t Ij tanks back in 1985. As far as Belgian style triples go, it is relatively tame but do go careful – the name literally translates to ‘Intoxicated’. They also make fantastic dark, blonde, wit, IPA, pilsner and seasonal beers all to be enjoyed in the shadow of Amsterdam’s highest windmill – De Gooyer.

Keep an eye on your watch though, open from 2pm-8pm every day.


Posted by: James

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