5 x Record Stores in Amsterdam

Rush Hour Records

At Rush Hour, marvel at the selection of rare, world and funk records as well as electronic releases old and new that have been expertly curated by some of Amsterdam’s brightest tastemakers – eg. Hunnee, Antal and the Rush Hour crew. Minimal aesthetic, well organised and friendly staff willing to chat about all things music.

Spuistraat 116, rushhour.nl

Rush Hour Store Amsterdam


Huge record shop on Utrechtsestraat, stretched out over the lower levels of 4 or 5 Amsterdam townhouses. CDs & vinyl, new and second hand; I wouldn’t say it’s a treasure trove but it definitely has the history of recorded music pretty much nailed down. There’s also a cafe inside to look over your purchases or maybe catch a live show.

Utrechtsestraat 60, concerto.amsterdam/en

Concerto Records Amsterdam

Red Light Records

As the name suggests, this record shop (and online radio station) is based in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District and has been selling its wares since 2010. Use the buzzer outside the gate to get let in, and on the other side of the short alley and tiny courtyard you’ll find treats. It is only very small, but that only adds to the good vibes and doesn’t detract from what’s on offer.

Oudekerksplein 26, facebook.com/redlightrecordsamsterdam

Red Light Records Amsterdam.jpg

Distortion Records

This little independent store is slap bang in the middle of the Jordaan and if you can pick your way through what at first looks like chaos, you’ll find a world of new, and second-hand gems. They also have a huge Discogs catalog!

Westerstraat 244, distortion.nl

Distortion Records Amsterdam

Waxwell Records

Hide away from the hustle and bustle of the 9 Streets in this fantastic little store offering a diverse selection and friendly service.

Gasthuismolensteeg 6, waxwell.com

Waxwell Records Amsterdam

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