Worst Wijncafe

A delightful spot in the lovely Western Islands, this cosy little neighbourhood restaurant was one of our favourite spots when we lived just around the corner on the Houtmankade because, well, just look at it.


Forget the misleading name… ‘worst’ means ‘sausage’ in Dutch so this is in fact a sausagey wine bar, serving up a full menu of artisan sausages, charcuterie, pate and other snacksy treats to accompany the wine. Veggiesauruses, fear not, they also have a ‘not that meaty’ section on the website and a bunch of delicious vegetabley dishes.

Go there on a balmy summer evening, sit outside, and soak up the charming neighbourhood vibes. Cafe MADS on Barentzplein just around the corner is also a lovely spot for some al fresco drinks if you’re making an evening of it.

Barentszstraat 171


Posted by: Jayne

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