About us

We are Jayne and James – your pals in Amsterdam. We moved here in May 2015 from our hometown of Manchester, UK, and immediately fell in love with our new Amsterdammy way of life.

Living in such a wonderful city as this, we get frequent emails asking for tips from visiting friends, friends of friends and friends of friends’ mums’ friends whose daughter’s friend is coming to Amsterdam and is looking for recommendations. This happens a lot. And while we love telling people all about the best places to go and things to do in Amsterdam, it doesn’t half take up a lot of our time. So that’s why we decided to create My pal in Amsterdam – a place to shout about the places we love, that we think you’ll love too.

On this site you’ll only find spots that we genuinely enjoy going to ourselves and can totally vouch for. It’s intended for our friends and friends of friends (and hey why not, their friends as well) to find out some good places to eat, drink, hang out and have fun in our lovely hometown. We hope you find it useful! 

Veel plezier!

My pal in Amsterdam